Our budget

The budget is something what everyone, who wants to travel for a long time, is interested in. Someone can get around the world for a few tousands of USD, another needs more than 50 000 USD . It depends on how much you are able to tighten your belt. We chose a golden mean, we didn‘t spend money like water but we also didn‘t miss anything. We divided our spending into three tables – spending in a single country, transfers and visas.

How much we spent in each country
Country Total (USD) Average per day/2person (USD)
Germany 261 32,63
Danmark 207 51,75
Sweden 309 22
Iceland 894 47
Norway 2000,5 34
Finland 447 19,5
Russia 855 34,2
Japan 2593 54
Vietnam 1303 43,4
Cambodia 937 46,85
Thailand 1292


Malaysia 1012 46
Hongkong 117  airport+trip
Soul 24  airport
Total 12 251,5  

Before the trip, we had the vision that we would like to keep the budget for food and sleep up to 16USD per person, respectively 32USD for two. This has succeeded in the two countries - Sweden and Finland. The advantage of the Scandinavian countries is that although they are more expensive, they you cam wild camping, which means camp for free. In Germany, free camping is forbidden, so we stayed in camps. Later, we found out that even in Germany wild camping isn’t big deal, so we will be smarter next time. In Denmark, the fines for sleeping out of camps are so huge that the three overpriced nights were still better than the fine . However, there are places where you can stay for free, we found only one. Iceland is really a expensive country, even though we tried to save wherever we could, our daily spending climbed quite high. We came to Russia in the autumn, it was quite cold and honestly, we were a little afraid to wild camping. The Russians told us that there is no worry about wild camping, but they also advice to sleep far away from people, so we rather slept in hotels / hostels. In Japan we were camping again and the food was so cheap there! Luxury desserts for 1USD, rice sandwich for 1 USD. It was so good that we ate it five times a day and eventually we were surprised how much we spent there. But it’s true that we also bought new cell phone, ticket on shinkanzen and we spent free nights in a hotel due to the typhoon.

Southeast Asia, a part of the world where we slept in hostels/hotels, were eating in restaurants, enjoying exotic fruits, drinking cocktails and delicious coffee. In Vietnam, the budget includes tours for 222USD, in Cambodia entry to Angkor Vat for 72USD and Thailand Day with elephants for 67USD. For 22,5USD per day and person it was a heaven and we don‘t regret it. It would be definitely possible to spend less money, but we really enjoyed it like this.

Country Price (USD)
Russia 2x 107

2x 24 approval letter

2x 25 visa


2x 35 visa

2x 1 medical exam.

New Zealand 2x 169
Total 722 
Direction price (USD)
Oslo (Norway) - Reykjavík (Iceland) return 2x 173,4 including bikes
Transsiberian train (Moscow - Irkutsk)

2x 101,2 + 2x  10 bikes

Irkutsk (Russia) - Sapporo (Japan)

2x 510,5 + 2x 93 bikes

Fukuoka (Japan) - Hanoi (Vietnam) 2x 363,5 + 2x 111,1 bikes
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Auckland (New Zealand)

2x 496,7 incl. bikes

Total 3718,8

We spent 16 692,3 USD in 289 days in 12 countries together😈

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